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About Distance Education

Want to teach or learn anytime, anywhere, on your schedule and at your convenience? The Center for Online Learning and Technology can help give you the tools and the training to do so.

We work with faculty and staff from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, UF/IFAS Extension, and other units within IFAS to help you develop or adapt course and training materials that can be delivered at a distance in a variety of media and formats.

Using a mix of technologies appropriate to the student and the situation, we offer a number of services, products and resources. From online instruction, to live streaming, to full video services, to CD/DVD production, to a high quality Internet-based videoconferencing network, COLT has the expertise and the resources to produce outstanding, award-winning courses and programs.

Distance education is the delivery of educational programs to learners separated from the instructor by time, location or both. It can help not only non-traditional students who are working or raising a family while trying to further their education, but also college students who want to:

  • Opt out of huge, auditorium-based lecture classes;
  • Review lectures and course materials from their face-to-face classes;
  • Need to take a semester away from campus and still take classes.

Distance education techniques are also being used increasingly for Extension programs, in-service training, certification, or CEU credits. The staff of COLT is committed to staying on top of the latest technology and pedagogy in the field, and to being a strong and reliable resource to help you concentrate on the educational content you wish to convey while taking advantage of the tremendous possibilities offered by this method of instruction.

We help IFAS faculty and staff develop and present educational programs to students outside the traditional classroom. This includes credit courses from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Extension in-service programs, faculty and staff training in distance education technology and techniques, and other applications.



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