University of Florida

Facilities and DE Technologies

Distance Education Center

IFAS uses state of the art video and computer technology to reach people around the state and anywhere in the world.

This offers the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge through face to face communication without the added expense and time of travel.

Bldg. 162 Green Screen Studio

Our green screen studio is available to faculty in CALS or Extension to create content for courses or training programs. With green screen technology you can can use PowerPoints, photographs, video or virtual sets in the background as you record a presentation.

G001 or Green Screen Studio Reservations

To reserve our G001 room or the studio, please email Glen Graham at Please specify if the use is of the room alone, or in conjuction with other sites via videoconference.

Calendar - use this tool to check for available times, or to see what is scheduled in G001 or the Bldg. 162 studio

  1. Go to the IRIS (IFAS Resource Integration System) login page at
  2. Click on "Enter" under the Guest Users box on the left, and enter guest for the username, and guest for the password
  3. Use the calendar in the upper left to go to the date or dates you wish to check