University of Florida

Planning Requirements

A Planning Checklist

  1. Check the Distance Education Center calendar to see if the Center is available for your desired conference date and time.
  2. Room and Videoconference requests must be made at least one week prior to the scheduled conference date.
  3. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled conference date.
  4. If this is a videoconference, confirm date, time, location, personnel, and equipment availability (and compatibility, if applicable) with the Videoconferencing Coordinators at each IFAS Videoconferencing Network site or outside site.
  5. It is the requester's responsibility to schedule room and assistance at all participating sites.
  6. Determine equipment needs of presenter(s) and participants. Check the Center's Room Equipment list.
  7. Requests for Facility/Room and Videoconference reservations can be emailed or phoned to the following contacts:

    Glen Graham or Ron Thomas
    Center for Online Learning and Technology
    G005 McCarty Hall
    PO Box 110145
    Gainesville, FL 32611-0145
    Phone: (352)392-3893
  8.  Contact all participating sites to confirm their involvement in the videoconference at least 3 days prior to the videoconference.
  9. Events can be streamed or captured for later streaming upon request.
  10. NO food or drink is allowed in the Distance Education Center - If your event requires refreshments, they may be served in the hallway outside the room, or other arrangements should be made.
  11. General Questions?
    Contact Glen Graham
  12. Technical Questions?
    Contact Ron Thomas