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Audio Recording/Editing Software

  • Software used to record and edit sound recordings. The sophistication and cost of this type of software varies widely, from simple recording components built into common software to professional sound edit systems used by the music and entertainment industries.
  • Audacity (Windows, Mac, Linux) - est. cost: freeware
  • Sound Forge (Windows/Mac) - est. cost: $60 - $300

CD/DVD Disk Recording

  • Software used to burn files onto CDs or DVDs. Simple versions exist on most operating systems, commercial versions have more options. Note, you must also have a computer drive capable of burning the type of disk you desire.
  • CD Writing Wizard (Windows) - est. cost: freeware included with Windows
  • Disk Utility (Mac) - est. cost: freeware included with Mac OSX
  • Nero (Windows, Linux) - est. cost: $80 (educational pricing)
  • Toast (Mac) - est. cost: $80 (educational pricing)

File Compression

  • Software used to reduce file sizes. Used primarily to temporarily reduce files sizes, and protect against data corruption for transmission via email or intranet servers.
  • StuffIt (Windows, Mac, Linux) - est. cost: $50 (educational pricing)
  • WinZip (Windows) - est. cost: $30 - $50


  • Software used to upload files to servers that host web sites.
  • Core FTP Lite (Windows) - est. cost: $0 (free for educational use)
  • Fetch Softworks (Mac) - est. cost: $0 (free for educational use)

Graphics Software

Presentation/Lecture Software

  • This type of software allows the user to create slideshow style files for presentations or lectures.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows or Mac) -
    est. cost: see UF Software Licensing Services for cost
  • Articulate Studio 13 (Windows) -
    est. cost: $800 - $1400 (educational discount available)
  • Articulate Storyline (Windows) -
    est. cost: $1400 (educational discount available)
  • Articulate software are specialty applications to convert large PowerPoint files into much smaller Flash/HTML5 files to allow them to be viewed via the Web.

Screen Readers

  • Screen readers are intended to assist the visually impaired use computer applications or the web by translating the windows or web pages into text-to-speech, sound icons, or a braille output.
  • JAWS (Windows) - est. cost: $1095
  • Window-Eyes (Windows) - est. cost: Microsoft associated freeware
  • VoiceOver (Mac) - est. cost: included with Mac OSX software


  • This type of software allows the user to record the actions taking place on their computer screen, as well as voice recording with a microphone, and video recording from a digital video camera simultaneously.
  • Camtasia (Windows) - est. cost: see UF Software Licensing Services for cost
  • ScreenFlow (Mac OSX 10.5) - est. cost: $99 (educational price)

Speech Recognition

Video Encoding

  • Video Encoding software is used to convert video files from one format to another. Most commonly used to reduce the size of original video files and/or convert them to a particular file type needed.
  • Sorenson Squeeze (Windows and Mac) - est. cost: $250

Web Design

  • Basic web files can be written using almost any text editing program. Programs specifically for web design incorporate many features that can make coding much easier, but aren't necessary for those familiar with coding.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC (Windows or Mac) -
    est. cost: see UF Software Licensing Services for cost
  • Notepad, Textedit, or any other simple text edit program (Windows, Mac and Linix) - est. cost: free, included with most operating systems