University of Florida

Faculty Support Services

CALS Academic Programs Office

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  • The Dean for Academic Programs in conjunction with the department heads may offer release time for faculty or other types of support to develop distance education courses.
  • Funding sources are sometimes available to help provide faculty with teaching assistants, graphics and computer support, or essential equipment.
  • Faculty training seminars in distance education are offered periodically with the assistance of the Agricultural Education and Communications department and IFAS Information and Communication Services (ICS). Instructors who wish to teach a distance education course should attend these seminars.
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Gatorlink Computer Services

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  • GatorLink Computer Services provides the UF IDs needed by all faculty, staff, and students associated with the university. Most network based computing services on associated with the university will require an ID.

IFAS Communications

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  • IFAS Communications provides UF/IFAS faculty, staff and students with a full range of communication services and products, including graphic design, news and media relations, educational video, photography, distance education and educational media distribution.


IFAS Office of Information Technology

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  • The Office of Information Technology provides the technical support for IFAS's computer networks across the state. Services include network server support, some local computer support, and setting up IFAS web site server space and URLs.

Office of Academic Technology

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  • The Office of Academic Technology (AT) provides resources, technical assistance, and equipment to assist the University of Florida faculty, staff and students. The three general divisions of AT include support for media services, instructional technology and teaching/learning

Center for Instructional Technology and Training

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  • The Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT) can assist faculty in the development of computer-enhanced instructional materials.
  • They can offer assistance with course design, IT support, online course production, studio video recording, and web development.

e-Learning Support Services

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  • e-Learning Support Services (LSS) supports online technology systems that can help to facilitate teaching and learning over the Internet, including Sakai, Canvas, iThenticate, and Turnitin.

UF Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Office

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  • The UF ADA Compliance Office can assist faculty with questions about disabilities access.

UF Libraries Distance Education Services

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  • The UF Libraries offer the distance learner an array of services similar to those available on campus in Gainesville.

These services include:

  • On-site borrowing at the University of Florida and libraries of the other SUS institutions
  • Remote access to online electronic resources and other services electronically
  • Interlibrary Loan/Distance Learning Document Delivery Service
  • Information and reference assistance
  • Access to online library tutorials

Copyright on Campus

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  • The UF Libraries provide online information and links to additional resources outlining and explaining issues related to educational use of copyrighted materials, including use in distance education.


UF Web Services

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  • The UF Web Services site is where you should obtain the official versions of any UF graphics such as web templates, headers and wordmarks. The site also contains web tutorials, and lists official UF web standards.